Timber and Timber – Aluminium doors and windows make a special combination of quality, taste and luxury on one and the natural material – WOOD on the other side.
The cutting-edge technology enables production of top quality doors and windows, which is accomplished by controlling each production phase.

Finishing takes place in a chamber, under the special conditions demanded by our foreign partners and superficial coating manufacturers. The manufacturing process involves the use of ecological water based lacquers only in accordance with the latest European standards. Doors and windows are made using top quality laminated wooden profiles.

Timber and Timber – Aluminium doors and windows are intended for the customers who believe that natural materials are particularly significant and who can afford such “luxury”. This type of doors and windows is characterised by top quality energy efficiency and durability, and, from the aesthetic side, it captivates with its warmth. It is particularly demanded for the buildings with dominant natural materials such as wood, rock, iron, brick etc.
Wooden profiles include fir timber, mahogany or oak, laminated and provided in colour selected by the customer. The standard version involves German ROTO NT hardware combined with low-emission glass filled with argon. The basic profile used for this type of doors and windows is wood. On the outside, Wood – Aluminium systems are aluminium flashings which can be provided in any colour chosen by the investor, anodized in a variety of shades or with woodgrain foils according to the colour chart. The role of such flashings is to provide additional protection to wooden profiles used in production of windows, but they also offer a possibility to colour the windows’ outside in the most demanding colours.


Since 2006 we deal with the production, sale and installation of joinery. The ultimate goal is a satisfied customer and that is something that runs this company.



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