When it comes to the type of material and manufacture of new windows, PVC doors and windows are currently the world’s most widely spread type of doors and windows. Apart from the type of glass and hardware, what is crucial in the overall quality of windows is the quality and method of manufacture of window profiles. The better the window profile is, the more efficient is the window in terms of thermal insulation, sound insulation, burglar-proof and fireproof protection.
Our PVC doors and windows are manufactured using the highest quality German REHAU profiles, namely ECOSOL (5 chambers) and SYNEGO series (6-7 chambers) with exceptional properties and top quality, their energy efficiency being their most remarkable feature (www.rehau.com). We also offer all other systems from REHAU range of products, such as GENEO with and without thermal modules etc.
PVC doors and windows are ideally sealed, they reduce energy expenditure while heating during winter time and cooling during summer time (Uw῀1,1W/m2K), they have excellent sound insulation (῀30dB) which is significantly improved by ROTO NT hardware and low-emission glass filled with argon, offered as a standard version in our company. Our standard colour is white, but we also offer woodgrain (imitation wood surface) in several shades according to the colour chart. It is also possible to cover the outside of PVC windows with aluminium flashings provided in any colour chosen by the investor.
Our PVC doors and windows provide best thermal properties, energy save, and durability, as clearly demonstrated by numerous completed projects in Serbia, across Europe, and in Canada.


PVC windows are currently the most widespread in the world when it comes to material and construction of new windows. PVC windows consists of a frame made of PVC profile. Ram constitute skirt (element that opens) and frame (an element which is fastened to the wall). There are a lot of window profiles that vary in depth the system.
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PVC doors should be the centerpiece in any home, but what is even more important than they are expected to help save energy and prevent the penetration of external noise as well as protection against burglary. Material for making PVC is highly resistant PVC (polyvinyl chloride) which is composed of multiple components.
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German PVC profiles have excellent properties and are of superior quality and particularly come to the fore when it comes to energy efficiency. PVC joinery (profiles) dihtuju ideal, reducing the need for additional heating in winter and cooling in summer, which contribute significantly to the low-emission glass filled with argon.
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