PVC windows are currently the most widespread in the world when it comes to material and construction of new windows. PVC windows consists of a frame made of PVC profile. Ram constitute skirt (element that opens) and frame (element that can be fastened to the wall). There are a lot of window profiles that vary in depth the system, the number of chambers and visual height.
The quality and method of making window profile, in addition to glass, has a decisive role in the overall quality of the window. The better the window profile, this window is more efficient in terms of heat insulation, sound insulation and burglary protection.
The surface of PVC profiles can be in a special production process encapsulates colored foil. The foil has no impact on the quality, but only the visual effect of the window. The colored sections are equally resistant to weathering and environmental influences, as well as profiles without film. The color palette is wide, from colors such as red, yellow, green, anthracite gray to natural wood species such as mahogany or oak. Color PVC windows is extremely stable and protected from peeling and cracking.
In the manufacture of PVC windows is used insulating glass that has a number of related paralenlnih glass. The interspace between the glass fills up with gas (argon or krypton), which improves the insulating properties. Glass mutually separated by spacer strips of aluminum, stainless steel or polymer. The interior of distance strips filled with material to absorb moisture from the air - silica gel. This avoids condensation between the panes, and thus the damage is caused by condensation. Using special glass with a special wrap or filled with an inert gas, to provide adequate noise protection, sun protection, thermal protection and development of safety glass.


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