Simply installed, elegant, discrete, and functional mosquito nets provide excellent protection against all types of insects. Mosquito nets are easy to install and they do not impair appearance of the space. Mosquito nets can be installed together with windows or separately, onto the existing doors and windows. Mosquito nets are completely made of aluminium profiles and a net, which is highly resistant to both weather conditions and mechanical damages. When combined with a window and a blind, we recommend placing the mosquito net between the two, whenever this is possible. We offer several different types of mosquito nets, such as:
ROLLER MOSQUITO NETS are the most widely spread mosquito net model. They can be rolled up and down vertically, and are very elegant and practical. They have their own roll up mechanism.
FIXED MOSQUITO NETS are recommended for unapproachable points and are also the more cost-effective option in terms of protection against insects.
PLISSE MOSQUITO NETS are mosquito nets of a new generation, which are very elegant and functional. Due to their simple use, they are mostly installed onto doors. They move horizontally.
WING MOSQUITO NETS (for doors) are recommended for passages, entrance doors etc., and are replacement for Plisse mosquito nets.


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