Interior doors are ornaments that improve the interior of every home. The interior doors we offer are produced using medium density fiberboard, solid wood (oak, walnut, fir timber) and/or combined with aluminium door frames.
Finish can involve melamine or CPL 3D foil, or veneering, staining, lacquering, or painting with polyurethane etc.

We offer top quality doors with exceptionally long life time of exploitation. You can choose a standard door model, standard production materials and finish, or you can request a custom made product that meets your demands. Doors can be single-wing, double-wing, accordion or slide ones, having a glass opening inside the wing, transom window or threshold, and they are mounted by applying dry-mounting technique, that is, after completing parquet flooring and paint job. You can also choose door model using catalogues of the leading Italian companies. We deliver our interior doors with included mounting, lock, door handle, and door trims, with no hidden costs. These are just some of the interior door models that we offer…


Since 2006 we deal with the production, sale and installation of joinery. The ultimate goal is a satisfied customer and that is something that runs this company.



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