With its prominent thermal and sound insulation, and its high security standards, Aluminium – Timber doors and windows make our exclusive offer within the thermal break systems.
Alumil M23000 Forestal system is the result of Alumil’s leading role in project engineering and it is a combination of top quality aluminium, the most suitable material for exterior use, which is resistant to all weather conditions, and wood with its undeniable stylistic and aesthetic role in the interior.

The basic construction material of this type of window is aluminium profile with thermal break, lined with wooden profiles from the interior side. The exterior aluminium protects the wood from weather conditions and thus keeps its unchanged appearance even after approximately 20 years of exploitation. Connection between aluminium and wood is achieved using special clasps which do not transfer the strain that occurs due to expansion and shrinkage of the material, thus allowing air circulation which prevents corrosion resulting from the process of condensation.

Alumil M23000 is considered a top-level security system and this is achieved by using a special lock mechanism with “mushrooms” and a 13-mm PVC groove. This resulted in burglar resistance amounting to 30 min., which complies with WK3 class according to IFT Rosenheim Certificate. 24-mm wide polyamide, also used within this system, has increased thermal insulation, which is now UF=2.1 W/m2K.
The type of wood and the colour of stains is adaptable to your interior (parquet floor, furniture etc.). Finally, aluminium can be coloured either by the process of plasticizing or by anodizing. Both processes allow the use of a broad range of colours, which, at the same time, protect aluminium from weather conditions. Sealing is achieved by rubber sealing strips available in a variety of profiles and arranged in several zones. Glass can vary from standard double glazed, low-emission (low-E), frosted, Stopsol, bullet-proof, tempered etc.


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