If you need light construction, firmness, and durability, and if large areas should be closed in glass, you may find aluminium doors and windows to be the right solution for you.
What you can expect with aluminium is nothing but perfection and immaculateness, high level of thermal insulation capacity and finishing process. A variety of colours, accompanied by clear and sharp lines, will provide any building with a necessary amount of luxury, stressing the modern. Here, of course, price should not play the principal role.
We mainly manufacture our Alu doors and windows using Greek ALUMIL profiles, but we also use profiles supplied by German SCHUCO, Elvial, Profilco, Aluminco, to meet the customer’s desires. The standard hardware is Stublina, or anything else that our CUSTOMERS desire, and low-emission glass is filled with argon.

Aluminium windows are important and creative element of a facade, and their size and shape define appearance of each building. They are seen as one of the most demanding construction elements, they give tone to architecture and add to the value of tangible property.
The firmness of aluminium and its durability ensure a high-quality window, which requires no particular maintenance. As such, aluminium windows have found their practical application in almost all spaces and buildings. A high-quality aluminium window is reliable in protection against noise, cold and heat, while interrupted thermal bridge along with insulated glazing creates a window displaying high-quality insulation performance. If you want windows that could be obtained in almost any size, with modern, even, smooth lines, in any colour you desire, aluminium windows are perfect solution for you.
The standard version of aluminium doors and windows is manufactured using either white or brown profiles, but they can also be plasticised in any colour as desired by the customer (according to RAL colour chart), WITH WOODGRAIN FOIL or anodized profiles with interrupted thermal bridge or, the so-called "cold profiles". Just like PVC doors and windows, aluminium doors and windows are characterised by exceptionally long life expectancy and period of exploitation.


ALU windows that we offer are of the highest quality aluminum company Alumil. Window frames should correspond to specific requirements and to provide safety, security, and prosperity in the house, functionality, durability, etc.
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Modern design and excellent finishing consists of aluminum doors a good solution and a selection of houses, apartments and offices. High aesthetic creations allow alu door to meet all individual requirements.
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Alu profile companies ALUMIL are one of the best and most widely used in Europe. ALUMIL SA is the biggest aluminum processing group in Greece and among the leading suppliers of aluminum systems for architectural use in Europe.
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